What Is This

This is a photo slideshow 'gadget' that I added using the Insert -> Google+ > Photo Album menu.  I uploaded the photos into new albums in my Google+ photos and then just added these with a few simple clicks.  You could create a separate G+ Photo Album and connected slideshow gadget for each event to showcase the pictures having several on the same page like below.   I think it's nice and looks a bit slick but you don't get to see all of the pictures in one glance.  I'm not sure if that matters though as personally I'm happy to watch the automatic slideshow.  Hovering over the picture shows some forward/back buttons.  Clicking the photo takes you to the Google+ photo album where you can view them all on a single page.

So, this is another option and one that I think would take you less time with formatting and sizing once you've 'connected the dots' which I can help you with.

What do you think?

Example 1 - Extra, extra large


Example 2 - Medium

Here is another example using a different album and a smaller slideshow gadget. 

Piano Pictures